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Allow us to introduce ourselves! We are pediatric therapists who own a practice called SPOT 4 Kids, Inc. The SPOT therapists perform individual evaluations and treatments in the areas of speech and language, physical, and occupational therapies.
  • The S in SPOT is for Speech-Language Therapy
    A speech-language pathologist (SLP) evaluates and provides intervention for oral-motor, feeding, articulation/phonology, language, voice, fluency and other communication delays and disorders.

  • The P in SPOT is for Physical Therapy
    A physical therapist (PT) evaluates movement, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Therapy includes direct handling, and, if needed, special equipment and braces, to optimize a child's gross motor function.

  • The O in SPOT is for Occupational Therapy
    An occupational therapist (OT) assesses a child's sensory system, as well as his/her self-help, fine motor, and adaptive skills. The OT works to maximize a child's independence in the functional use of these skills.

  • The T in SPOT is for Therapy
    The SPOT 4 Kids, Inc. therapists provide family-focused and child-centered therapy services using play-based techniques to functionally meet each child's individual needs. We can also provide general information on normal speech and language, gross motor, fine motor, and sensory development.

About the Owners...

Lisa Van Boekel
, a physical therapist (PT) and co-owner of SPOT 4 Kids, Inc., earned a B.S. in physical therapy from the University Of Illinois, Chicago. She is Early Intervention credentialed and has pediatric experience in many different settings including private practice, hospital in-patient and out-patient, home and school systems. NDT-certified, Lisa has had a varied case load with emphasis on neurological disorders such as Cerebral Palsy. Her interests include lower extremity biomechanics of clients with neurological involvement.

Rachel Mika, a physical therapist (PT) and co-owner of SPOT 4 Kids, Inc., earned a Master of Physical Therapy from Governors State University. She has experience in a variety of pediatric and orthopedic settings. Rachel is NDT-trained in pediatrics and is a credentialed Early Intervention Evaluator. She works with children with a wide range of ages and diagnoses and is experienced in orthotic management, kinesiotaping, and lower extremity biomechanics..


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